25 Ray Price Intros And Solos
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JL42  Level: Beginning-to-advanced
     75-minute audio talk CD with tablature.

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25 of my favorite Ray Price intros and solos featuring the following titles:     

1. A Way To Survive (Intro)
2. A Way To Survive (Solo)
3. Pride
4. An Eye For An Eye
5. Crazy Arms
6  Invitation To The Blues
7. There Goes My Everything
8. City Lights
 9. Sittin' And Thinkin'
10. Are You Sure
11. Soft Rain
12. The Twenty-Fourth Hour (Intro)
13. The Twenty-Fourth Hour (Solo)
14. Different Kind Of Flower
15. Another Bridge To Burn
16. Another Bridge To Burn (Solo)

17. Don't You Believe Her (Intro)
18. Don't You Believe Her (Solo)
19. Heartaches By The Number
20. Touch My Heart (Intro)
21. Touch My Heart (Solo)
22. Your Old Love Letters
23. The Other Woman
24. You Took Her Off My Hands
25. Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me

On the CD I play each intro or solo through once with a metronome then describe where and how to play it.  Each intro or solo is on a separate track for easy reference and each individual explanation is on a separate track as well.  The intros and solos are also written out in an easy-to-read tablature booklet.  I don't guarantee that everything is exactly like they are on the records but I think they are all pretty close.  At any rate, this is the way I play these tunes!  (Since the CD is 75 minutes there isn't room for rhythm tracks. . .sorry!)

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